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This Report a Rort blog aims to provide current, comprehensive information for the public on what is required, and who to send their complaints to when it comes to reporting pseudo-scientific products.

By using Report a Rort anyone should be able to effectively streamline the submission process because of concise, easy to access legal information; without which submission could be useless.

Report a Rort should be able to effectively equip the public with the web-based tools required to capture, and store pertinent information for submissions for use by the governing bodies to which the information is supplied.

The Author

An amateur skeptic.

Rational and geeky – I support free-thinking; and encourage investigation. I have a strong interest in science generally, new technologies, and their potential application to the real world.

An Amateur Skeptic

My personal attraction to combating medical psuedo-science in particular comes from my experience in dealing with my own mothers’ credulous faith in Alternative therapies during her battle with lung cancer; she put her faith in to religious artifacts like holy water, “scientific” ionizing lens-shaped crystals, Feng shui, aloe vera gel, and various ointments.

I take consolation in that she was also being medically treated by excellent doctors and had the opportunity to use some of the newest medication available to Australians at the time.

I dislike ignorance and apathy.

Generic disclaimer: My views are my own and should not be regarded as professional advice. ❤


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Twitter Updates

  • Sanctions from the TGA’s Complaint Resolution Panel for six products from “Kanion Nutrilife Products” include a Publication of Retraction. 6 years ago

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